Friday, March 20, 2009

Sneak Peek - Rachael {Melbourne Maternity Photographer}

*Squiel*'s so exciting to have some colour to work with again!! I have shoved Rachael out the door and begun editing her session straight away. I hope I didn't bruise her!
Beautiful light, awesome location and a STUNNING mum-to-be.
And of course, Rachael was also very, very tall. I must be destined to shoot maternity from a step ladder!

Dear Rachael,
Thank you SO much for a wonderful afternoon, I had so much fun hanging out with you. You look georgous and I think the decision to head outside was a good one. Now, I know I said I would only edit 3 images before picking Paige up - but I couldn't here's 5 quickies for you!!

Sneak Peek - Tracy and Family {Melbourne Family Photographer}

A while a go TRacy lent me her youngest so I could work out how on earth you shoot older boys! You can see his photo shoot here: http://http// Today I had the pleasure of meeting some of the other 'boys' in Tracy's life as I took some portraits of her family.
Dear Tracy,
Thank you for trusting me with creating some lasting memories of you and your family. I hope these are what you had in mind. Your Mum is adorable and yes, your sister is the sporty one! I now have to work out how I explain to my husband why I smell of men's aftershave - do you think he will believe me when I say it was an innocent hug goodbye from your dad?
I wish your dad all the best in his return to good health and I will speak to you soon!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Paigey and the new blue chair.

Paigey decided today that she would be my 'supermodel' and model my new $30 bargain retro look blue chair. I love her to pieces - take a look at the posing!! It really does feel like I never get a chance to photograph her anymore, so today was a wonderful experience for us both. Maybe the break did us both the world of good!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Session Times - {Availability}

Hi everyone,
I just sat down and prepared my calendar for the remainder of my available sessions before I begin Maternity Leave. Oh my goodness, there really isn't a lot of time left at all!! I will find it really hard to finish up for a short break before this little one arrives, but I look forward to all your wonderful sessions once I return to work after the baby arrives. It might mean I have to limit the types of sessions to Maternity and Newborns for a few months, but I am sure you all understand.
Make sure you contact me ASAP if you would like to book a session before June 14th!

Sneak Peek - Melanie and John Part II

OK, so here are a few more before bed!
This first one I almost missed!! It's John's face the moment he layed eyes on his beautiful bride coming down the aisle. Awwwww.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sneak Peek - Melanie & John {7th March 2009}

I officially shot my first (and probably my last) wedding on Saturday. I thought it was tiring chasing around little ones during a photo shoot - seriously, I had to end up leaving the party early because I was so very tired after ducking, dodging, running, climbing and somehow moving my 22 weeks pregnant body around the place. All complaints about my fitness aside it truely was a lovely day and I felt so honoured that Mel and John had asked me to do this for them, afterall, I was the one who handed John Mel's phone number on the school bus that day!! Who would have know that a few years later I would be photographing their wedding day!
Mel and John - thank you again! The experience was wonderful. Your love for each other truely shone through on the day and is evident in every photo I have looked at so far.
I hope you like your sneak peeks - I will no doubt add more as I get through them all - so keep checking back.
Enjoy being Mr and Mrs!!